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What is a Cybercrime?

In this video, you will learn cybercrime in easy terms, its types, and how it affects us. Learn to stay safe and protect yourself from digital dangers. Let's start our cybercrime awareness journey together - Simplilearn

Cybersecurity Awareness

Learn to safeguard yourself online from threats and dangers. Understand the basics of cybersecurity, such as strong passwords, safe browsing, and avoiding scams - Security Quotient

Hacked Accounts: What to Do Right Now

Learn to spot sign of social media hacking, take immediate actions, and prevent further damage - staysafeonline.org

What to do if your Identity was stolen?

Discover immediate actions to take if you suspect identity theft. Learn how to report the incident, safeguard your accounts, and prevent further damage - usa.gov

What to do if you are HACKED?

Learn crucial steps to take if you suspect unauthorized access to your accounts or devices. This guide will walk you through recovery, securing your data, and reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities - consumer.ftc.gov

Securing you: Basics and beyond

Learn to safeguard yourself online from threats and dangers - Microsoft

How Strong is Your Password?

A Guide to Enable Your Employees to Set Strong Passwords - proofpoint.com

Secure Internet Use Training Video

This video teaches you why you should not be downloading apps from untrusted sources - usecure.io

How to spot Phishing Emails?

In this video, you'll gain valuable insights on how to protect your sensitive information from phishy emails - IT Governance Ltd

Be careful of your Online Privacy

In this video, you'll see the real-life consequences of oversharing on social media. Learn why it's vital to be mindful of what you post online - ENISAvideos

How to Tell If Your Computer Has a Virus and What to Do About It

Learn how to check if your computer has a virus. Learn how to protect your computer from malware - staysafeonline.org

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